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Process Flow

Step 1

Learn about us

Step 2

Selecting your doctor

Global Hospitals is known for its world-renowned doctors, who are pioneers in their domain. Choose from the vast pool of qualified doctors and get the best possible treatment with the help of sophisticated medical equipment.

Step 3

Make an inquiry

Fill in the inquiry form to make an appointment online. The form is designed to make us understand your situation in a better manner. We will forward your inquiry to an appropriate medical representative who will respond according to your situation in a better manner. If the concerned doctor feels that he/she needs to know more or view recent reports, we will communicate that to you.

Step 4

Travel Arrangements

In case you are traveling to India for medical reasons for the first time, keep certain things in your mind to you plan your journey better.

1 Check with your doctor and make sure you are fit enough to travel.

2 If you have decided to continue your treatment with Global, do keep your local doctor informed, so that your follow up treatment can continue without any hassles.

3 Check the credentials as well as the experience of the doctor, who will treat you.

4 Talk to the doctor who will treat you about the procedure he will be following. Also, inquire about other things like follow-up care needed, time required for recovery and physiotherapy.

5 Make sure you have all the relevant documents when you travel. Global Hospitals provides you with locker facilities for your valuables and important documents like

- Passport and visa: You will need a passport for yourself and your travel companion (if any).
- Credit cards, debit cards and travelers checks: Bring some local currency, travelers' checks and one or two major credit cards and debit cards.
- Records like X-Rays, health histories, photographs, immunization records, prescriptions, and any other relevant health records.
- Please carry valid international driver's license if you want to hire your own vehicle.

Step 5

Staying in India

Global Hospitals tries its best to provide you with comfortable and secure accommodation with options ranging from luxurious five star hotel to homelike guest houses depending on your budget. 

We have tried our best to answer all your queries through this website. Find complete information about our hospital, our doctors, the services we provide, and the facilities we have and much more. Also, get to know why Global Hospitals is the most preferred destination for international patients.

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