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Creating a Unique set of rulers that will benefit the Organizations Stakeholders...


Forte Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Launched as a new venture, with fresh goals and aspirations in November 2005. The organization has identified themselves as specialists in pharmaceuticals for keeping up with the market trends and behavior. The Mission of the company is to be the leader for high quality product alternatives in the pharmaceutical market in less than a decade…

Although there is severe competition in the market for all this products and hundreds of new molecules keep on entering the market triggering more and more competition, Forte believes in the path they have chosen to move down and the ultimate goal they want to reach. In order to achieve its mission forte is ready to create a unique set of rules that will benefit the stakeholders of the business.

Primarily, the firm hopes to offer a most comfortable working environment to its employee, a professional service to its customers and a definite advantage to the community as a whole.

The organizations front line team has done an amazing job in gaining recognition for it mainly by way of dynamic sales promotions. The bottom line is that Forte hopes be among the best, this transformation has and will continue to benefit all the stakeholders of the company and the nation as a whole.

Because of these strong hold in the healthcare industry Forte was appointed as the Strategic Partner by Global Hospitals Group, India to take care & to serve Sri Lankan patients with the support of Medical professionals & Doctors in Sri Lanka.

As at today we are proud to announce hundreds of patients who had no hopes in their own life due to life threatening disease which they are suffering for years, such as Liver Transplant, Bone Cancer, Salvage Limbs, Neuro Surgeries, Brain Tumors, and Scoliosis. Today they are a bunch of happy patients cured through Global Hospital expertise and with our services.


To be the Inspiration for Healthcare Providers in Sri Lanka.

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