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Department of Pulmonology

Outpatient clinics and inpatient Pulmonology specialty offer state-of-the-art management for disease including:

  •  Disorders of breathing like asthma, COPD
  •  Chronic cough from smoking related bronchitis, bronchiectesis
  •  Interstital lung disease, sarcoidosis, occupational lung disease, pulmonary hypertension
  •  Curative treatment for tuberculosis, pleurisy, pleural effusion, pneumonia
  •  Early diagnosis and treatment for lung cancer
  •  Respiratory emergencies like acute asthma, respiratory failure, pulmonary embolism, pneumothorax
  •  Allergy and related disorders
  •  Sleep related problems like snoring, sleep apnoea
  •  Smoking cessation and Breathe Easy Clinic
  •  Comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation program for chronic and advanced lung diseases

Some of the treatments and procedures are offered at specific clinics in the department:
 Centre for Sleep Disorders - State-of-the-art sleep lab offers:

  • - Overnight sleep study (Polysomnography)
  • - CPAP initiative and titration
  • - Wakefulness testing (MSLT)
  •   -Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT Lab) – The unit provides:
  • - Complete lung function testing including spirometery, lung volumes, diffusion (DLCO), airway resistance
  • - Cardio pulmonary metabolic stress testing, 6 minute walk testing
  • - Allergic skin testing and immunotherapy
  • - For asthma and allergies
  • - Respiratory Critical Care Unit
  • - State-of-the-art ICU equipped with the most advanced ventilators and monitoring systems

 Advanced Fibroptic Bronchoscopy & Interventional Pulmonary Services:

  • Lung cancer screening, diagnosis and staging by biopsy and Trans bronchial needle aspiration of lymph nodes               
  • Pleural disease evaluation and treatment
  • Endobronchial lung cancer therapy          - Rigid Bronchoscopy
  • Electrocautery   - Foreign body removal
  • Argon plasma coagulation            - Thoracentesis
  • Brachytherapy  - Chest tube placement
  • Balloon bronchoplasty   - Pleurodesis
  • Airway stenting - Flexi-rigid thoracoscopy & Pleuroscopy

Some of the Special Clinics are:

  •  Allergy and Asthma Clinics - Any person having cold, allergy to dust,nose and lung allergies,cough, wheezing, cold, breathlessness can approach consultants in the specialty clinics
  •  COPD Clinic - Chronic smokers and chronic asthmatics develop Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), which requires regular follow up and management.
  •  Smoking Cessation Clinic - Every smoker wants to quit smoking but finds it difficult due to addiction. These clinics can help them in stopping smoking with highest success rate.
  •  Lung rehabilitation clinics - Any person with chronic lung disease requires specialized techniques to lead productive life with ongoing breathlessness and avoidance of frequent hospitalizations
  •  TB clinics - Tuberculosis of lung is increasing now-a-days, which is being missed by many and now drug resistance is biggest threat to survival. The clinic is specialized to treat such cases.
  •  Sleep Clinic - People suffering from snoring should know long-term effects of snoring and consultants at sleep clinic could help them.
  •  Cough clinics - Unexplained cough of more than 2 weeks even after initial investigation and medication requires special investigations and expert review.

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